Reviews OTELLO (Verdi)
Teatro San Carlo di Napoli


Marco Berti recived great reviews about his Otello at Teatro San Carlo di Napoli
(…)”Berti’s Otello was overwhelming in his intensity, even if his gestures are never ferocious. Vocally, his tenor overcame every difficulty in the score. Otello is manipulated by the most sinister villain ever to appear on stage, and his repressed emotions are brought out, thus unveiling his darkest side and transforming him from a brave commander-in-chief and tender husband into an obsessed, self-destructive man who is easily manipulated by the meanest insinuations. The tenor expresses his anguish in “Dio! mi potevi scagliar”, an impassioned lament over Desdemona’s supposed infidelity. His rendering of the final scene was both frightening and poignant.” (…)
By Lorenzo Fiorito,  April 23th 2014